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Luton Lions epic 37 miles trek for Bangladesh!!!

Ansar Ahmed Ullah:


A group of young men have teamed up with Luton Lions Community to embark on an EPIC TREK in aid of the people of Bangladesh. Recent flash floods have left 75% of the Sylhet Division of Bangladesh under water.

Families and livelihoods have been decimated in a matter of days. The devastation is of epic proportions…so an EPIC challenge was needed to get donations coming in thick and fast.

On Sunday, 3rd July, the group will be embarking on a 37 mile/run/jog/walk/crawl from BYL (Bangladesh Youth League) in Luton, the home of our local Shahid Minar, to the heart of the British Bengali community, the Central Shahid Minar in Altab Ali Park.

It will take the best part of 12 hours if lucky, but with the help of fellow Luton Lions will get to the finish and make a difference.

The funds will be held by Bangladesh Youth League (RCN 1109719) and distributed to local charities on the ground, in and around Sylhet, where the need is greatest. A committee has been formed to ensure funds are distributed entirely transparently. Bangladesh Youth League will be donating 100% of the funds received.

The estimated time of arrival at the park is 5pm Sunday 3rd July (a more accurate time to be confirmed by the end of the week).

If possible please bring water and any refreshments for the trekkers