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Rishi Sunak’s response to spelling error goes viral

Former British finance minister Rishi Sunak was mocked on Twitter for a spelling error on his campaign poster after receiving the most votes in the second round of voting to succeed Boris Johnson as Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, The Statesman reported.

Sunak was taking part in his first televised debate to pitch for the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom when viewers pointed out that the campaign was misspelt as ‘campiagn.’ Sunak was then mocked by netizens for using incorrect spelling on his campaign poster.

The error was discovered behind the QR code that connects to Sunak’s campaign website, ‘Ready For Rishi.’ “Rishi Sunak campaign or should we say ‘campaign’ established a new language.” The future leader must pay close attention to detail. “#campaign,” a Twitter user said.

Sunak then joined in on the Twitter conversation, tweeting, ‘Ready for spellcheck?’ The message was a variation on his campaign slogan, ‘Ready for Rishi.’

Sunak has clearly established himself as the frontrunner to succeed Johnson after winning the first two rounds of voting by Tory members of Parliament. Following a quarter-share of the vote in the first round, he became the only candidate to receive more than three digits in the second round – and is followed by three female current and former ministers.