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There’ll be no caretaker govt in the country: Law Minister

Law Minister Anisul Huque has said there will be no caretaker government system in Bangladesh as the country’s highest court gave judgement declaring it illegal.

He made the remarks while talking to reporters after attending a programme on “National Stakeholders Consultation on Institutional of Para Legal Approach,” held at a hotel in Dhaka on Saturday.

Anisul Huque said since the present government believes in the rule of law, it abides by the judgement of the highest court.

He said the next general elections in the country would be fair and impartial.

Anisul Huque said Bangladesh is an independent and sovereign nation where an independent Election Commission has been constituted through a law. “This Election Commission will provide a free and fair polls to people. No lobbying will be required for it visiting door-to-door of anyone else,” he said.

Regarding the BNP’s participation in the election, the Law Minister said elections are usually held under the party-led governments around the world. Democracy is established in such a way. Elections will also be held in Bangladesh under a party-led government, while the voting will took place under the jurisdiction of the Election Commission. The government which will be in power during the elections will perform the day-to-day activities. “It is mentioned in the law. So, we expect that all political parties will join the elections,” he said.

Regarding the release of jailed BNP leaders and activists, he said if anyone remains in jail for political reasons without committing any crime, he will certainly be freed. But, if anyone remains in jail as an accused of a case, he or she will not be released without court order.