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Parts of Sylhet city go under knee-deep water after 1 hr rains

The residents of Sylhet city woke up to waterlogged streets on Sunday morning after one hour monsoon showers.

On Saturday, a heavy bout of rainfall brought much-awaited relief in the district after a week of a heatwave that scorched parts of the country. The rains started around 11 pm and it continued for one hour.

Roads, houses, shops and low-lying areas in the city went under knee-deep water in the one-hour rains, causing immense sufferings to the city dwellers.

The waterlogged areas include suburb areas of Sylhet city, Zindabazar, Barutkhana, Hawapara, Ambarkhana, Loharpara, Borobazar, Lamabazar, Madina Market, Charadhighirpar, Saudagortula, Sobhanighat, Jatarpur, Shibganj, Tilagarh, Shaplabagh, Taltola, Subidbazar, Ghasitula, Shamimabad, Jallarpara, Bhatalia, Kanishile, Majumdarpara, Mendibagh, Dargamoholla, Laldighirpar and Kuarpar of the city.

Rainwaters entered the ground floor of many building in these areas.

Many people took to social media to criticize the role of Sylhet City Corporation Mayor and raised question about the development projects of the city involving Tk 1200 crore.

Kalim Uddin, a book trader, said rainwaters entered his shop and books worth Tk several crore were damaged.

Joyonto Kumar Das, a resident of Sobhanighat, said “Sylhet city went under water after one hour rains. How long the residents of the city will suffer?”