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Mayor Arif has formed a striking team to prevent flooding in Sylhet

Flooding occurred in Sylhet city due to heavy rain recently. Sylhet City Corporation (CCIC) Mayor Ariful Haque Chowdhury came under severe criticism.

A press conference was organized at Nagar Bhaban on Tuesday at 12:30 pm. Informing about the various steps taken in the situation, the mayor said, 8 striking teams have been formed to prevent waterlogging. These teams will work.

In the press conference, Mayor Ariful Haque Chowdhury said, “I have no difficulty in admitting that there are some problems in terms of waterlogging. This time the rains have started before the onset of monsoon. We thought it would start raining two months ago.

The waterlogging on Bangveer Road is caused by early rain during our development work. In this flood, the hills of Daldali Bagan have collapsed. Due to which the silt came and filled our drains. The depth of the ditches or drains that we had, we could not work on them during the continuous monsoon season. Because there was flood, there was rain.

He said that almost all areas of the city were submerged in water due to sudden heavy rains three days ago. Due to which many of our houses and businesses get water. One reason for this is global climate change. This problem is clearly observed due to adverse weather conditions.

Sisik Mayor said that after the unusual heat during the day last Saturday, the residents of the city had to suffer suddenly due to the record amount of rain in a short period of time at night. I myself am the victim of that suffering.

Although my house is in an elevated area in the middle of the city. 70 mm of rain was recorded in 58 minutes from 11:00 pm to 12:00 am on Saturday. A total of 163 millimeters of rain fell in 6 hours that day. Which is the record of heavy rainfall in Sylhet in recent times. Those concerned consider it supernatural.

Mayor Ariful Haque also said that we are immediately trying to review the situation. In the advance warning of the Meteorological Office, in order to deal with this supernatural calamity, we have taken the advice of experts as well as exchanging opinions with the concerned people to take precautionary measures and increase the awareness of the citizens. As a result of global climate change, such incidents may occur more, considering that, we have organized an emergency meeting of CCK. We have already decided what to do. Day or night, whenever heavy rains start, our 8 striking teams are ready for cleaning work. All the councilors, officials, employees including me will be in the field.