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Things to keep in mind while travelling in monsoon season

Travelling during monsoon can be so much fun. The pleasant weather and lush green surroundings make travelling delightful. However, without proper planning and preparations, it could easily be one of the worst travel experiences.

Here are tips to make your monsoon travel beautiful:

Choosing a destination: Do proper research before choosing a destination. Avoid travelling at night. Avoid going to hilly areas as landslides, floods and mudslides are on the rise in higher altitude areas during monsoon.

Make sure to carry extra clothes: Carry a pair of extra clothes, towels, synthetic fabrics that are easy to dry and lightweight and warm clothes in your backpack that can prevent you from getting sick.

Carry your own food and water bottle: Monsoon gives rise to many waterborne diseases, therefore, avoid eating roadside food or having water from public places. Make sure to carry bottled water.

Carry waterproof bags: Carry waterproof bags to keep your stuff safe. In case you don’t have waterproof travel bags get a waterproof cover for your luggage. Make sure you carry transparent, airtight, waterproof covers to keep your electronic devices safe.

Extra precautions while clicking pictures: Clicking pictures in rain can be very exciting. In these situations, many times people often go very close to them to take selfies or photos, which sometimes becomes a cause of big accidents. Be extra vigilant and careful while clicking pictures.

Carry a medical box: Monsoon season gives rise to many diseases. Carry a few medicines in a medicine box for the common cold, fever, flu etc. Apart from that, you can have a thermometer, painkillers, hand sanitiser, and bandages in your medical kit for precaution.

Monsoon essentials: Rains are unpredictable. Make sure to have a large lightweight umbrella, raincoats , rain boots to protect you from getting drenched in rain.

Source: Hindustan Times