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Rana Begum’s exhibition in Ealing 

Muhammed Shahed Rahman :


The Pitzhanger’s exhibition Dappled Light by Rana Begum explores the perception of light, colour and form and blurs the boundaries between sculpture, architecture, design and painting. The exhibition creates a dynamic dialogue with John Soane’s design of Pitzhanger as the works respond to the manor’s architecture, sightlines, and intricate interior decorative schemes, including his play of light through tinted glass.

The exhibition is at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery, Sir John Soane’s country home and contemporary art gallery in Ealing, West London. The exhibition by Bangladeshi-born artist Rana Begum RA (Royal Academy of Arts) runs until 11 September.

Several beautiful artworks are on display, including a stunning cloud-like steel mesh sculpture. In the stairwell, the artist has installed brightly coloured fishing nets that celebrate the architecture of Soane’s stairwell. The conservatory has a cityscape of tall slim towers covered in reflective tiles that capture the sun streaming through the garden windows.