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East London Mosque raised over £40,000  for flood-affected people of Sylhet, Bangladesh

3 August 2022: The East London Mosque has raised over £40,000 in partnership with several charities to help flood victims in Sylhet, Bangladesh. The humanitarian aid relief has already been delivered to the flood-affected people, and our charity partners continue to monitor the situation on the ground.

About 75 percent of the area of Greater Sylhet was submerged under water due to the sudden downpour that came down upstream on 11 May 2022. Three million people became waterlogged. People took shelter on rooftops of their homes and in government shelters. As a result, the entire Sylhet suffered a humanitarian disaster. Various charity organisations came forward in this extreme hardship of the people of Sylhet.

The people’s suffering increased after the flood water receded: thousands had become homeless and destitute, houses had been washed away. People were desperate for food, clothing, shelter, clean drinking water and medical care. In many areas, people have lost communication due to the collapse of roads, culverts and bridges. Millions of people are living in extreme poverty. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of everyone to come forward to help those affected and help them recover swiftly.

Here at the East London Mosque & London Muslim Centre, one of the UK’s most prominent Muslim institutions, we saw an amazing response from our congregation and local community, quickly sending their donations to our emergency appeal. Combined with our support for other charities, allowing them to fundraise here in the Mosque, altogether over £40,000 was raised to provide relief and support for the flood victims.