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Saudha is bringing an extra-ordinary fusion in Edinburgh Fringe Festival on  17 August

By Muhammed Shahed Rahman:

Saudha Society of Poetry and Music, a leading platform for South Asian arts in the UK is performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for the second time this year. A phenomenal fusion of 12th and 13th century’s European music called Trobadour with Bengali medieval music Vaishnav and post-medieval folk music-Baul, is being presented along with the recitation of verses on love, lust and spiritual submission. This unique event, titled as Baul, Troubadour and Verses on Love, Lust and Flame  is happening at Acoustic Music centre, known as Ukranian Centre in Edinburgh on Wednesday 17 August at 7pm as part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
Ahmed Kaysher, the director of the production said ” This is a fresh, new and re-interpretative take on two ancient music of the world. Trobadour of occitan language has such a magical affinity with Indian Vaishnav poetry, specially with both carnal and spiritual love and submission. Some lyrics and melodies are even so close, as if, one is the direct translation of the other.”
Kaysher continued “This unique art-initiative is also rendering a visual interpretation of a few Baul songs through Sufi dance and the haunting verses of medieval Indian poet Vidyapati, Persian poets Rumi and Hafez, Greek poet Cavafy and French poet Baudalaire will be recited to intensify the meaning of music”.
The production is featuring a well-known Trobadour and Schubert vocalist Erik Schelander, poet Ahmed Kayhser, a talented fictionist and a performance poet Shree Ganguly, leading spoken-word artist Poppy Shahnaz, Manash Chowdhury, Sufi dancer Sohel Ahmed.
The Edinburgh Festival, the world’s largest festival of arts, is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year with 49,827 artists from 58 nations performing in 3,171 shows and happening from August 5 through August 29.