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Shakib Khan back home after nine months

After nine months of living in the United States, Dhallywood superstar Shakib Khan finally returned to his beloved motherland on Wednesday noon, immediately getting showered with massive love from his crazy fans.

Shakib landed in Bangladesh at 1 pm (local time) by a Turkish Airlines flight, after a hectic 21- hour journey.
Fans and admirers of the megastar came from different parts of the country and ultimately took over the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, resulting in huge traffic on the entire airport area and several points in the city including Uttara and Banani.

After landing in his motherland, Shakib Khan told journalists that he is stunned to get this massive and overwhelming reaction from his beloved fans. He will bring exciting new projects soon and also be completing his unfinished projects very soon.

On Monday, Shakib wrote a heartfelt tribute from the John F Kennedy Airport in New York, reflecting on his nine-months long stayover in the US.

“Whenever life has presented me with a challenge, or when I’ve set myself a challenge to break down – I have always won through the grace of the Almighty and the love of my millions of fans. The past nine months in the US have been a challenge in my life, and once again I have successfully completed it along with your love,” Shakib Khan wrote from his verified Facebook page.

However, those nine months were like living in invisible chains, he mentioned. “Great people find themselves formerly isolated when they do great things! Each time they start over with a new understanding, their tomorrow!”

Reflecting on his newly found understanding on relationships with people, he wrote: “At the moment, I found numerous people in far-off countries, who accepted me as their family member and supported me mentally. On the other hand, I have moreover realized that a few of those whom I thought were mine until presently were not truly mine.”

“Nevertheless, I received the most comprehensive blind support in this life from millions of fans at home and abroad who have always stood by me and loved me selflessly.”

Shakib concluded by saying that although he does not know why, he required this transformation to rediscover and comprehend his life’s philosophy, reality, and everything else. He mentioned that throughout this time, he closely imagined every aspect of his life, just like he usually does in films.

“This time has helped me rethink the world and myself. Inshallah, if we live, the days ahead will be more lovely.” Shakib Khan wrote on the post.

On November 12, 2021, Shakib went to the US and made an announcement about his production company SK Films’ latest production ‘Rajkumar’ there, which will also feature American actress Courtney Coffeyy.

The actor will begin work on the government-funded movie ‘Maya’ next month. Puja Cherry will be the female lead in the movie, which will mark their second collaboration after ‘Golui.’