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Ways to break smartphone addiction in children

In today’s digital age, it can be quite difficult for parents to keep their kids away from a screen. The proximity of digital technology is growing daily. Each home now has two to three smart devices. The online world is extremely addictive and can have a negative impact on a child’s overall development, Hindustan Times reported, said Dr. Angana Nandy, Development Psychologist and Founder of Hopscotch Child Therapy.

Here are few ways to break smartphone addiction in children:

  • One clear sign of smartphone addiction in children is increased temper and tantrums related to losing access to a phone or tablet. The first step to breaking smartphone addiction in kids is to recognize the symptom.
  • Before setting the screen-time rules at home, explain to your child the negative effects of too much screen time.
  • It is advisable that children age above 6 years, parents can decide on a suitable time limit while ensuring that the child has plenty of opportunities for engaging in other activities and healthy sleep habits.
  • Try not to keep your child’s phone in his or her bedroom when he or she goes to sleep. This can lead to bedtime struggles and maladaptive sleep patterns.
  • In the absence of a set bedtime, make sure your child isn’t spending excessive amounts of time staring at screens after dark.
  • No screen time  should be allowed for your children around mealtimes, homework time and in public spaces.
  • Make sure your child is spending enough time away from technology at home to play outside or do other physical activities.
  • Joining the activities with kids are a great way to ensure that the physical games are enjoyable and stimulating enough to keep them engaged than devices.
  • Set children aside a week of the day during which no smartphones and tablets can be used. On a no-device day, encourage your kids to participate in household chores, learn new activities or engage in arts and crafts activities.