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Health problems during Monsoon season

Monsoon season has a different feel. Everything around is fresh, green and the mood is swayed by the very feel of rains after sluttery summer months.

On one hand, while the rainy season comes as a break from the long spell of summer, the monsoon is also the time for problems associated with rains.

Monsoon brings many diseases related to skin allergies, and ear, nose, and throat problems.

Due to change in temperature, humidity, air quality, and pressure, it becomes difficult at times for the human body to acclimatise with sudden  changes.

Humidity is a big troublemaker during the rainy season. Sweat impacts the body in a big way, especially in folds of skin (Neck, elbows, arm-pits, below breasts, groins).

Variations in thirst leves and the quality of air in the home have a bearing on the health. Some individuals are not able to adjust such changes, which brings in disease-producing microbes (Fungi, bacteria, and viruses) and one may suffer with:

1.   Acute allergies, fungal infections, intertrigo, ringworms, skin rashes, eczema apart from sore throat, cold coryza, and fever.

2.   Flaring of the already existing diseases.

Let us know self-care for some of the most common diseases:

Folliculitis: It is an infection of the root of hair called the hair follicle. Imbalance of above described extrinsic and intrinsic factors, roots of hair anywhere in the body especially folds of skin. It is painful, red, hot, and interferes with daily activities.