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The first Bangladeshi ship carrying jhut leaves for India

A Bangladeshi-flagged ship has started its journey from Muktarpur of Munshiganj to India carrying jhut, the scrap fabric produced by the RMG industry, for the first time in the country’s history.

The ship ‘MV Razzaku’ started its journey around 12:45 pm from Char Muktarpur River Port for Dhubri Port in Assam of India.

India’s Bhansali International is importing 111 metric tonnes of jhut from Moktar Hossain Traders of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh will earn $26,085 by exporting the scrap fabric, produced as a waste in the RMG industry. But as a recycled good, it has been gaining in value in recent years.

People concerned said this shipment has a special value ahead of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s upcoming India visit.

Summit Alliance Port Limited assistant manager Md Ruhul Amin said this export has opened a new door for Bangladesh. Bangladesh can export about one lakh metric tonnes of recycled yarn to India, for use in more high-end lines.

There is a huge demand for this wastage in India’s Assam, Maharashtra, Hariana, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan, he added.