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Re-organize closet to get clothe easily

Closets are typically stacked with a variety of clothing, accessories, and bags, making it challenging to locate certain items when truly need them. A well-organized closet makes it simpler to get ready and helps keep your clothes fresh, Hindustan Times reported.

Vasdev, Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist and Founder of Art of finesse, India, shared insights on the importance of reorganizing your closet.

1. Save money

Have you ever bought a new t-shirt or pair of black pants, for example, only to get home and then find you have very similar items already in your closet? By re-arranging your wardrobe, you’ll be able to see exactly what you have so you won’t buy duplicates.

2. Discover old favourites

Have you lost track of what’s in your wardrobe? By re-organizing, you will probably find some clothing lurking at the back or the bottom of your closet that you had completely forgotten about. By re-incorporating them into everyday use, you can create new outfits.

3. Wear more of your wardrobe more of the time

By putting some clothes storage ideas into place, you can see exactly what you have, so you will wear much more than 20% of what you own.

4. Create a wider variety of outfits

Everyone knows someone who seems to have a different outfit on every time you see them, I bet if you peeked into their closet, you would see that it is super organized.

5. Clothes will last much longer

By storing everything correctly, you’ll find that your clothes retain their hanger shape and last much longer. For instance, supportive hanger is needed for your blazers to ensure they retain their shape at the shoulders.