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Dr Sabrina Flora recovering from illness

The health condition of Dr Meerjady Sabrina Flora, additional director general of the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), is gradually improving.

She is now undergoing treatment at National University Hospital in Singapore.

It was stated by former chief scientific officer of the IEDCR Dr ASM Alamgir on Tuesday.

However, he said Sabrina Flora is still on life support. However, by the grace of almighty Allah, she is now on the way of recovery. “I talked to her husband. He said, Dr Flora’s physical condition is gradually becoming stable. She got her consciousness back on Monday. She is now awaken. Her overall condition is better.”

Dr Alamgir said blood test of Dr Sabrina Flora indicated that her pancreatis is still active. But the good news is that she did not get any fever. Doctors said the frequency of her dialysis would be lowered from Tuesday, because huge quantity of fluid was brought out from her body in the last two days.

However, physicians said Dr Flora would be kept under intensive case for some days. According to the previous plan, she would undergo CT scan today (Tuesday), said Dr Alamgir.

Meanwhile, the DGHS said the DG and other senior officials are maintaining constant contact with Dr Sabrina Flora’s family members.