Makki Ki Roti with Paneer, Saag and Buttermilk, Indian Food

Indian food has developed a reputation as a cuisine with high calories among health freaks across the world. But a new study by the medical journal Lancet measuring global physical activity reveals the “myth” about Indian food being unfit. The study measured physical activity in adults – aged 15 years or older – from 122 countries, comprising over 88% of the world’s population.
India according to the study, is energetic and active. Only 15.6% of Indians were found to be physically inactive. The British (63.3%), Japanese (60.2%), Italians (54.7%), Irish (53.2%), and Americans (40.5%) were found to be more physically inactive than Indians. All credit goes to the Indian lifestyle when it comes to a healthy and fit body.
To become healthy and fit you need to analyze yourself and follow these steps.

Eat whatever you have been eating

Your mom knows you the best and she knows what suits you and what does not. She provided you with the best quality food and a balanced diet. Stick to the diet your mother gave you and you would stay away from the majority of diseases and ailments.

Eat at the right time

Every family has their own time for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and by following these eating times for a long, your body has become adaptive to that time only.  Eating at the wrong time can lead to health-related issues including bad digestion and an unhealthy gut. So, always try to eat at the right time.

Choose the right utensils to eat and cook

Replacing your large ceramic dinner plates with the traditional copper plate, according to Ayurveda, can benefit your health.  Copper-charged food and water are good for the heart and kidneys. In India, we had traditions of eating with silver utensils which boosts brain health and heart health. Everyone who is struggling to lose weight should try eating with copper utensils and cook the food in a mud pot like in old times. It will not only benefit the health but also will enhance the taste while providing the correct amount of nutrition to the body.

Eating homemade recipes

Indian food is much more than butter chicken and chole-bhature. The traditional recipes passed down from generations have their own nutritional values and cooking food with those recipes will make you healthy, not fat. In our fast lives, we are forgetting traditional food recipes and eat fast food which is harming our health.

Think twice before you eat

We need to understand good and bad food. Most Indian homemade food is healthy and families in India eat according to a health issue, for example, if you have heart-related issues then you should avoid oily food, if you have thyroid then you have to stay away from food that does not contain complex carbohydrates. Different health problem requires avoiding food that triggers the problem. So think twice before you eat something and choose from different Indian cuisines.

Work to digest it

We need to digest the food which we eat. According to doctors, we need to work out if we want to digest our food. Sitting for a long time after eating a heavy meal will lead to weight gain and maybe other diseases.  Traditionally, in India, people did not depend on machines and did their own work. It is one of the healthiest ways to live. Why not stick with that?