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Nationwide OMS, Food Friendly Programme begin

Food Friendly Programme (FFP)’ and sale of rice at Taka 30 per kg under the open market sale (OMS) for low-income people began across the country on Thursday.

“The government has started ‘Food Friendly Programme (FFP)’ and open market sale of rice from today as per the directives of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,” said an official of the food ministry, reports BSS.

The government has increased the number of OMS dealers three times for mitigating public sufferings and the number of OMS centres has also been raised to 2363 from 813.

According to officials, at each OMS center, Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) cardholders will get 5 kg of rice twice a month at a price of Taka 30 per kg while common people who do not have TCB card will be given the same amount of rice against NID card.

Under the FFP, over 50 lakh families across the country will get 30 kg of rice per month at a price of Taka 15 per kg.

The FFP or ‘Khaddo Bandhob Karmasuchi’ and the OMS will continue alongside selling rice and flour among TCB cardholders at fair prices.

Rice will be sold openly in 50 trucks in Dhaka city and under the programme, 2 metric tons of rice per truck will be sold daily under OMS.