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10 signs of healthy friendship

A toxic friendship can impact your mental health adversely while a healthy one can be therapeutic, Hindustan Times reported.

To recognise healthy friendships, one must keep in mind tips the following tips to make better choices:

A good friend will always understand when you are not available and wait for you till you are in a position to talk to them.

 It is not easy to share information with someone. You can only trust a good friend to keep your secrets safe with them.

A friend should feel proud of you and your achievements; if they are not, they are not your real friends.

You don’t need to pretend like you are someone else in company of a true friend.

Again, a good friend will not divulge your secrets and misuse them.

One-sided friendship doesn’t survive for long. It should be two-way.

True friends don’t take things to their heart.

If you are in a healthy friendship, you will look forward to spending time with your friend.

A friendship that survives test of time is the bond that will remain intact forever.

If your friend makes fun of you behind your back or mock and tease you in a manner that you don’t like it shows lack of respect for you.