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Uber’s contribution to Bangladesh economy accounts for Tk 45b

The world’s largest ride-sharing company Uber contributed Tk 45 billion to Bangladesh economy in the year of 2021, said a report.

UK-based policy research firm named Public First researched and compiled Uber’s 2021 Bangladesh Economic Impact Report and released the outcome on Sunday.

The way as to how Uber helped transform the on-demand economy for riders, driver partners, and the wider community by generating Tk. 45 billion for the Bangladesh economy in 2021 was reflected in the report.

Said report shed light on factors behind the economic contribution, consumer surplus, user benefit, and driver-partner gain from flexible work.

Key findings of the report are as follows:

The economic benefit from Uber includes indirect and induced multiplier effect created throughout the company’s wider supply chain.

According to the report, rides on Uber’s platform produced Tk 70 billion in consumer surplus which is roughly equivalent to 0.25 percent of the GDP of the country.

Uber was reportedly preferred by 95 percent riders for comfort, saving over 17 million hours a year.

About 73 percent driver-partners expressed satisfaction with Uber which enabled them to earn additional Tk 522 million in higher income and 26 percent more than their next best alternative source of income or work.