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UK PM Election Results, Who will be the next Prime Minister of Britain?

As the voting for British Prime Minister election is over, the official announcement will be made tomorrow.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned as prime minister and party leader amid strong opposition from within his own party, the ruling Conservative Party, over the issue of hosting alcohol parties in the Prime Minister’s office in violation of the Corona regulations.

Following that, elections began to choose a new leader of the ruling Conservative Party. According to the British constitution, the person chosen as the leader of the ruling party is appointed as the Prime Minister of the country.

In that way, there is a tough competition between the Indian-origin former Finance Minister Rishi Sunaku and the current Foreign Minister Liz Truss in the election for the post of Conservative Party leader. Around 1.60 lakh members of the Conservative Party have been voting by post and online for the past few weeks to elect a new leader. The voting ended yesterday evening.

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In this case, the counting of votes will end at 12.30 PM Indian time on Monday and the final results will be declared. Liz Truss was consistently ahead of Rishi Sunak in various opinion polls conducted before the election. Now it has been revealed that Liz Dress has a bright chance of winning in the post-election polls. Thus, it is said that there is a high possibility that Liz Truss will be chosen as the new Prime Minister of Britain.

According to British royal tradition, the ceremony of appointing the new Prime Minister will be held at Buckingham Palace. But considering the Queen’s health condition, doctors have advised her not to travel, so it is noteworthy that the ceremony will be held in Scotland, breaking royal tradition.