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Inside the Life-Changing Benefits of Sound Therapy

Dealing with a heat break? Or any other stressful situation, and dealing with it looks difficult. One easy and proven destressing technique can be ‘Healing through Sound’.

Music is therapeutic has been a known fact. Music helps deal with stress. Different sounds trigger different parts of your mind and body and this mechanism is used in sound therapy to improve physical and psychological health.

According to Dr. Anju Sharma, a Sound healing Master, sound therapy is not just about uplifting mood and combating stressful situations but there is so much that can be fixed and improved with sound healing therapy.
The science behind sound therapy

Music triggers the release of certain brain chemicals. The release of Oxytocin (pain-relief hormone) and dopamine(happy hormone) invoke a sense of positivity and wellness. When you feel fatigued, you need dopamine to feel energized. Similarly, when you are experiencing pain, oxytocin release can ease your pain. Music and sounds can, therefore, boost your well-being.

Taking deeper dive into the topic, she shared various benefits of Sound Therapy.
Benefits of Sound Therapy

Healing psychological problems
Psychological problems is an umbrella term for several health issues like anxiety disorder, emotional trauma, suicidal thoughts, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. are covered. You can seek the help of sound therapy to resolve these problems.

Improves sleep and combats insomnia
Sleep is very important for holistic health. Your mind and body need some hours of rest to reset and re-energize. If you are unable to sleep properly or dealing with insomnia, try sleep therapy. Listening to certain sounds with suitable frequencies over time can bring you significant relief. You need to consult an experienced sound therapist who can give you the right treatment. A lot of insomnia patients have testified in favor of sound therapy for sleep troubles.

Reduces anxiety
Anxiety issues have risen lately due to numerous factors and almost every third person is dealing with anxiety. A sound therapist uses sounds whose vibrations effectively lessen anxiety by regulating the production of cortisol stress hormone. Studies have also found that sound therapy can increase serotonin production which helps in preventing anxiety disorders and depression. You will feel more relaxed after taking the therapy which is safer than taking antidepressants.

Boosts cognitive functions
There are so many noises that we hear on a regular basis. From vehicles honking in the traffic to construction noises to excessive use of screens, these can cause brain fatigue over time. You feel low and less focused due to these sounds that hamper cognitive functions in the long run. Listening to sound with soothing vibrations can restore cognitive abilities and allow the brain to relax for a while.

Stimulates immune system
There are certain sounds that can also boost your immune system. These produce anti-inflammatory effects that boost immunity. Besides, sound healing therapy releases stress by lowering cortisol hormone levels which can weaken immunity. Therefore, taking sound therapy by an expert can bring myriad health benefits.

In some cases, taking sound therapy is also found to reduce physical pains and faster healing of wounds. However, this is not necessary but you can experience its positive impact on your body. The main reason why sound therapy is beneficial is that it is completely safe and does not have any side effects. It is a great replacement for medicines and should be used in conjunction with a healthy and active lifestyle.

She further explains that Stress has become an inevitable part of our lives. Everyone is stressed for one or the other reason which is impacting their health negatively. Stress is a potential trigger of many chronic illnesses and thus, it is extremely important to de-stress yourself for long, healthy life. While there are many strategies that offer stress relief, a sound bath is emerging as the easiest and most effective alternative therapy to de-stress the mind and body.
What is a sound bath?

Just like how a relaxing shower after a tiring day makes you feel better, a sound bath aims at mitigating emotional, mental as well as physical stress. This offers restorative effects using natural sounds, music, and voice. The therapeutic effect of sound plays a pivotal role in harmonizing the entire system. A therapist uses natural sounds with melody and rhythm to help you overcome all the triggers.

A sound bath is carried out using differently-tuned instruments like singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, chimes, and sruti boxes. Different sounds channel different frequencies when you listen to them and that is what helps you conquer your problems.
Sound Bath To De-stress

She explained how sound can help regain a sense of wholeness in the body. It can balance your emotions, relax your mental worries and tune your mind and body. The harmonic vibrations created by these instruments stimulate brain waves that are associated with a peaceful mental state that is highly conducive to holistic healing.

The benefits of sound therapy are very similar to meditation which is why therapists also refer to this practice as sound meditation. Including sound in your meditation can double up the benefits and doing it regularly is found to bring surprising results.

Anxiety relief and relaxation

A sound bath is a great way to experience deep relaxation but apart from this, it is also helpful in dealing with anxiety and chronic stress. These can cause sleep issues, digestive issues, cognitive decline, and many more health concerns.

A sound bath can effectively manage stress and anxiety to nullify the aforesaid problems. Rightly said, sound bath therapy can reset whole body functions. It slows down the heart and lung functions to build a therapeutic effect on your system.
Listening to soothing sounds releases stress by lowering stress hormones which is the ultimate pathway to stability.

Sounds positively impact the nervous system and put it on reset mode to treat the triggers. Pains, traumas, and ill-functioning can be tackled through regular sessions of the sound bath which is completely safe.

Imagine a chronically ill patient getting better without medications just by listening to some therapeutic sounds. This is a completely new experience but worth a try. It is better to have a therapist to guide you for a sound bath to unlock all the benefits.