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How adding bottle gourd in your diet would benefit your health

Bottle gourds are known as calabash gourds. It belongs to the gourd family of fruits and vegetables which grows on vines. It comes in different shapes and sizes, like round bottle shaped, doubled, huge, small and slim. Usually the round fruits are called Calabash gourds and the slender long fruits are called Bottle gourds.

Earlier gourds were harvested in riped state, sun-dried to be used as utensils or musical instruments. But now the fresh green calabash fruit is famous as one of the healthiest foods of all. Bottle Gourd can be eaten in different forms in almost every country. It is a common food item in the Indian kitchen.

It can be used as curry, vegetable dessert, and also as a detox drink. Bottle gourd curry is famous worldwide especially in the Asian countries.

Here are some health benefits of bottle gourd and why it should be added to your diet

Bottle gourd is very good source of vitamin A and vitamin C

These vitamins contain antioxidant properties that protect the body from free radicals. Vitamin A promotes healthy skin, eyes, and mucous membrane. Vitamin C supports the immune system, encourages iron absorption, and helps in growth and development.

Bottle gourd also contains phosphorus, magnesium, folate and calcium

Phosphorus, magnesium and calcium help in developing and maintaining bones in kids, strengthening teeth and regulating muscles and nerve function.

Good source of fibre

It is a very good source of fibre which promotes healthy digestion, regulates bowel movement, may treat constipation, and helps in weight reduction.

Potassium is also present in gourds

It is a good source of potassium, and vitamin-mineral and low in sodium which helps to reduce blood pressure. It lowers bad cholesterol and keeps the heart healthy.

Bottle gourds are high in water content

The rich water content bottle gourd provides a cooling effect on the body and stomach, reducing chronic gastritis, stomach bloating, and other digestive issues.

It is good for diabetic patients

Bottle gourd juice early in the morning is considered an excellent remedy for diabetes.
It is low in calories, sugar, high in water content and fibre-rich which makes it Diabetic friendly.

Bottle gourds are diuretic in nature.

As it is beneficial in water retention, it is easy to digest and is believed to have a cooling effect. It is also useful in treating urinary disorders.

Helpful in curing liver inflammation

Liver is one of the vital organs in our body. It helps in the body’s detoxification process. Bottle gourd is known to reduce the inflammation in the liver.