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Diet tips for festive season and how to enjoy without guilt

Festivals are around the corner and no festival is complete without sumptuous food and delicacies. But indulgences in festive foods don’t go without the guilt.

So, here we are,  bringing to you diet tips and how to plan your festivities with family and friends and also enjoy the favorite foods that you crave the whole year, that too without the guilt and worrying about your health. But yes! there is of course a rider…..too much of everything is bad too.

Diet tips for the festive season and how to enjoy without guilt

Diet Tips:

Simran Valecha, Fitness Expert says, “It’s tough to completely avoid oil and sugar during the festive season, and restricting yourself will only lead to binge-consuming it later.”

“So what one must do is follow portion control in terms of sugar and sweets and enjoy them guilt-free.”

She further added, “Let’s change the narrative from “I can’t eat sweets during the festive season” to “I’m enjoying sweets this festive season.” When you stop restricting yourself and eating as much as your body needs, you’ll stop feeling the need to control your portions.”

Anju Valecha, a certified nutritionist says, “Prepare home food and order from home chefs and home bakeries to keep a check on your oil quantity and quality intake.”

“Try moving your body daily to ensure you’re not creating a calorie surplus when consuming too many sweets and oil. Instead of finding sugar replacements and using honey and jaggery ( which are good for health), enjoy regular sugar in smaller portions as all alternatives have the same amount of calories but are processed differently.”

“Similarly for oil and butter, cook your food in A2 Ghee, which contains more nutrients than regular butter or oil and the same calories!”

She further discusses how stressing about food will definitely lead to weight gain and hamper your mental health.

Samriddhi Goel, Nutritionist & Fitness Expert says, “If you have been reasonably maintaining your shape or doing a diet and working out on a regular basis and are a little scared about how the festivities will impact your weight or shape, I ask you to take a very practical approach and not be afraid to enjoy yourself. However, when I say that, it is very important that you learn the word, ‘limit’.”

Stating further she gave the following tips:

  • Plan your day before you go out to a party. It does not mean you starve yourself through the day because in that way you will end up overindulging at night. Make sure you have your normal meals during the day and do not go to the party on an empty stomach. Have a soup or salad before you head out, this will help your brain make the right decisions in terms of what you must eat and what you can avoid at the restaurant or party.
  • Prioritize what you would want to eat. Start with fibers like salads or stir-fry vegetables that will keep you full and going for some time. Next you can have protein, like paneer, tofu, chicken, or fish as your starters. This will also help you mingle better with all the guests and not make you feel left out. This is a very important aspect as people find it awkward to invite over those who do not eat anything and the hosts are out of options.
  • Lastly, go ahead and indulge in a piece of ‘mithai’ or ‘dessert’. My suggestion is always to keep those extra calories saved up for something that you haven’t tried before. Don’t waste away your calorie quota over a bowl of peanuts or a couple of chips. Prioritize and choose wisely. Indulge but limit your portions.
  • Another important point to note is, the next day do not go on a crash diet or detox, rather head out for a workout or chime in a walk to burn those calories you consumed the previous night.

Fitness tips:

Simran  also stated son tips to maintain our weight:

5 tips to not gain weight this festive season:

1. Move your body every 90 mins
2. Work out for an hour 4-5 times a week – even if it’s a walk!
3. Maintain portion control: Divide your plate into 4 parts – salad, cooked veggies, carbs, and protein
4. Don’t restrict yourself all day and then eat everything you see at night – eat in moderation throughout the day
5. Stick to your routine and eat at the same time daily – if you have a dinner party at 10 and you usually eat dinner at 8, eat a light dinner at 8 and then head out to the party
6. Don’t complicate your workout by trying different things you see on the gram, follow your structured routine with basic compound movements – check my free workout plan if you’re looking for a structured workout plan