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Ready to rebuild your life

Starting to make small changes in life can eventually lead to bigger changes.

Psychologist Nicole LePera addressed this in her recent Instagram post and wrote down the small changes that we can start with on a regular basis:

Self-witnessing: Paying attention to yourself and watching yourself from a third-person perspective can be a good way to know about the character that you hold. Only then it gets easier to make changes, Hindustan Times reported.

Company: The company that surrounds us also impact our lives hugely. It is important to be with positive people in order to stay positive in life.

Mentors: We can always look up to others. In this world where everything is connected with technology, we can learn from anywhere, in any part of the world.

Boundaries: Learn to invest time in people and places which can further contribute in making you the person you want to become.

Give back: While we learn to know how others impact our lives, it is also important that we pay attention to how we impact others. A small compliment or an act of kindness goes a long way – do it.

Become your parent: Be the support we deserve. Speak to yourself, be kind when you talk to yourself and most importantly, love yourself.