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Bangladesh to run under Khaleda’s leadership after Dec 10: Aman

Bangladesh will be run under the leadership of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia, Dhaka City North BNP convener Aman Ullah Aman has said.

He made the remark at a discussion held in Dhaka on Saturday, marking the 43rd founding anniversary of Bangladesh Jatiyatabadi Ulama Dal.

Mentioning that the next general election will be held under a non-partisan government, Aman said, “Five workers of our party were shot dead in programmes demanding deduction of fuel and essentials’ prices, stopping load shedding and restoration of democracy.

He said final decision would be taken to streets. “Five of our workers already sacrificed their lives. Our blood debt will be paid only when democracy is restored in Bangladesh and people’s right to exercising their voting rights is established, said the workers, who sacrificed their lives.”

Aman said not only five workers but more 5,000 will be martyred if needed. There will be no election in this country under Sheikh Hasina, he added.

Pointing at party leaders and activists, the BNP leader said, “Get ready, new programme will be announced. Entire Bangladesh, including Kanchpur Bridge, Tongi Bridge, Mawa Road, Aricha Road, Teknaf to Tentulia and Rupsa to Pathuria will be blocked.”

He said, “Bangladesh will not run like this way. The country will run under the leadership of Khaleda Zia after December 10. Apart from this, no one will be allowed to rule this country.”

Urging the leaders and workers to get ready to sacrifice their lives, he said, “If necessary, we will be martyrs but no election under Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh would be allowed.”

“We will return to our homes after ensuring removal of this government,” he added.