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Still there’s time for safe exist, otherwise, govt won’t get scope of fleeing: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has issued a note of warning against the government, asking to leave power as early as possible.

“Still there is time for safe exit, otherwise, you wouldn’t get the scope of fleeing. Awami League will have no sign on the soil of Bangladesh if the next election is held under a caretaker government,” he said while speaking as the chief guest at a massive public rally at Sonali Bank premises in Khunla city on Saturday (October 22, 2022) afternoon.

Fakhrul alleged that the government is trying to hold another election in the same style of 2014 and 2018 to hang onto power without people’s votes.

“People won’t accept any other system, except the caretaker government, (to oversee the next polls). Why don’t you want to accept this demand? Because you know that you won’t have any existence and you won’t even get 10 seats if the election is held under a caretaker government,” he said.

He said that it was Awami League that enforced hartal for 173 days for the introduction of the caretaker government, but the party itself annulled the system assuming office to cling to power.

The rally spread to a radius of two kilometers.

The BNP leader said that no fair and credible election would be held without a caretaker government. “That’s why Sheikh Hasina must go. This regime has destroyed all the achievements of the country.”

He also said that their party had no other alternative to continuing the movement to establish a government of people by ousting the ‘dreadful fascist’ and ‘authoritarian’ regime.

Congratulating the Khulna city dwellers, Mirza Fakhrul said, “Today’s grand rally is just a symbolic one. Khaleda Zia’s chair on the podium is empty. She is house arrest. This chair has been kept empty in honour to her. You are the soldiers of people. Restore the rights of people. Sheikh Hasina-led Awami League government has turned the country into a hell. They have destroyed all our achievements. The government has done this to lengthen it illegal power. Once they came to power without votes, and then again at midnight without ballots. Now, they are planning to hold the 2023 general election in the same way. They will never be allowed to do it again.”

Referring to the Election Commission (EC), the BNP leader said the Chief Election Commissioners and the Election Commissioners (ECs) have adopted the strategy to “show themselves very good persons.”

“Even, the DCs and SPs don’t care the EC. They undermine the EC. So, we don’t want to say anything else about this subservient Election Commission. We want to state it clearly that no election will be allowed to take place on the soil of Bangladesh without the caretaker government. So, this government must be drove out from the country forever,” he said.

Criticizing the government for implicating the BNP leaders and activists in false, fabricated and baseless criminal cases, Mirza Fakhrul said the government’s dream to suppress the BNP leaders and activists through torture and repression is over. “BNP takes to the street with new hopes, aspirations and courage,” he said.

Drawing attention to the prime minister’s frequent warnings about a famine in the country, Mirza Fakhrul said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been uttering about a possible famine in Bangladesh, because they have resorted to looting and laundering people’s money.

The BNP Secretary General also warned the government about any attack on the opposition leaders and workers. “We have been observing our programmes peacefully. We have not resorted to violence. But, you will not be able to escape by attacking us. Foreigners have already understood that Awami League is a party of terrorists. They have cling to power resorting to attacks on opposition parties.”

Mirza Fakhrul further said there is no alternative to movement before BNP. “We must have to establish a new government defeating this illegal government. We must have to create a mass uprising to oust this voterless government from power.”