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Post festival detox: Myths and Reality post festive season

Post-festival detox: A long festival season in India is also associated with a variety and versions of traditional food but also leaves one concerned about health. Detoxing becomes the buzzword for post-festival times. After gorging on endless food and sometimes overdoing it people alter it in the name of detoxing after the festivities. But hang on! do we really need to detoxify?

Before you start any detox diet which comes in various versions it is important to listen to what the experts have to advise.

Anju, a certified nutritionist and co-founder of Sim Valecha, recommends that one must get back to regular routine and consume a balanced diet – one that includes roti, sabzi, dal, and salad.

She further stated, “Add more movement in your daily routine by choosing to take the stairs, parking your car a little further, walking during your calls, stretching a little while watching TV, walking between episodes of shows, running errands while walking, and if you don’t feel like working out, dance it out!”

“ I personally have an alarm on my phone every 90 minutes to drink water, grab a bite and walk a little – it makes it easier to increase my movement through the day and not over-eat at my main meals”, said Anju adding,

“scientifically if we observe, one doesn’t need to detoxify themselves after a month of eating and drinking whatever one wants, as we all have well-functioning livers and kidneys that do the needful. “

Anuja also explained that we mustn’t fall prey to detox diets, especially after festivals wherein we feel we’ve overeaten and put on weight. We’ve put on weight over a few weeks of drinking and eating out and 50% of the weight may be water retention due to the excess of salt in our food at restaurants.

Drinking lots of water will help you reduce that water weight you’ve gained overnight – hot, cold, with lemon/cinnamon or any other detox drinks you’ve seen on Instagram make no difference!

Megha Mann, a certified nutritionist, said, “I recommend people not to strive in the name of detoxifying, instead munch on some healthy snacks and drinks which will automatically put your guts and body on detoxifying mode.”

Megha further added, “one can have vegetable juice with raw veggies directly like carrots, cucumber, beetroot, and radish. Or they can start their day with water like Jeera Pani, Nimbu Pan, souf, and ajwain water to help in digesting the food. Also if you are feeling hungry, munch makhana, chhana, or soups, as well as almonds and dry fruits. And one must not forget to have jaggery post lunch.