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Practice mental exercises to sharpen memory

From practising mental exercises to refraining from substance abuse, you can sharpen your memory functions, Hindustan Times reported.

According to nutritionists, here few tips on sharpen memory through a few practices and lifestyle changes have been discussed:

Mental exercise: Practices that can exercise the mind and the memory such as solving puzzles, reading books or learning a new language.

Proper sleep: A proper sleep of at least 7-8 hours in a day involves the brain storing and processing information properly and keeping the memory healthy.

Passion: When we are passionate about something, we try multiple times to get better at it. This creates hard wires in the brain and improves memory functions.

Healthy diet: A diet consisting of antioxidant rich fresh fruits, vegetables, Omega-3 fat induced foods and fibrous grains help in sharpening the mind.

Alcohol: The nutritionist recommends that we must quit alcohol as it kills brain cells and reduces alertness and memory functions.

Meditation: It helps in destressing the mind, improving concentration and memory as well.
Stress: Stress can be disastrous for the memory, and hence should be avoided.

Substance abuse: Addictive practices such as alcohol, tobacco and use of drugs have severe negative impacts on the memory as well.

Fast foods: It is important to avoid fast food items as they are deprived of nutrients and hence, adversely affect the memory.