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5 ways to teach responsibility to your kids

Being responsible is a key to children’s success both in school and in the larger world when they grow up.

It’s the parent’s duty to make their child encounter the consequences, model responsible behaviour, show little judgements, shower unlimited love and not overdo anything for their child, Hindustan Times reported.
Certified Parenting Coach and Psychologist, Fathima, suggested five effective ways to teach responsibility to your kids in her recent Instagram post.

1. Smiling is more powerful than yelling

Yelling may drive their attention to you but it reinforces the bad behaviour. When you smile at them while conveying a message, it makes them to respond immediately.

2. Make them encounter the consequences

It is important to make them understand that every action leads to consequences. If they don’t study well, they will not perform well in the exam. If they study well, they get good marks in the exam. They make better decisions once they realise that smart decisions have good outcomes.

3. Make your child listen and think

Make your child listen and think. If they listen properly, they are better at thinking and making the right decisions or good consequences.

4. Use thinking words and not fighting words

Fighting words: I will not allow you to watch TV until you finish your lessons.

Thinking words: You may watch TV if you finish your lessons soon.

This is also the best way to make our kids listen without yelling.

5. Shift the responsibility to your kids

If we keep on reminding them about their chores, and school work, they don’t take responsibility. When you transfer your worries or responsibility to them, of course, they will do better.