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Tips to prevent severe skin damage amid poor AQI

A disruption in the skin’s ability to act as a barrier and the emergence of numerous skin illnesses occur whenever repeated exposure to air pollutants exceeds the skin’s normal defensive capacity.
Here are tips to prevent severe skin damage amid poor AQI:

Make it a routine to wash both your hands and face as and when you return from outside or after few hours each day will help avoid skin problems. By removing impurities from the skin’s surface as well as contaminants that have gotten inside the skin pores, using an oil-based cleanser or face wash can help the skin become more purified.

Another prevention method is exfoliating twice a week. Exfoliating a couple of times a week helps remove dead skin cells as well as remove the pollution and dirt present in the pores inside the skin.

Strong antioxidants like vitamin C should be used often to prevent the appearance of oxidative stress symptoms including dark spots, fine lines and drooping skin.

Using sunscreen on a regular basis may not immediately help to guard against pollution, but air pollutants may interact with UV rays to create chemicals that are highly bad for the skin. Therefore, regular usage of sunscreen is essential to minimise UV damage.

A healthy skin is one that is well-hydrated, therefore maintaining the skin’s optimal moisture levels can help shield it from harm. While going outside on a busy day, use nourishing moisturisers to avoid looking excessively oily and to protect your skin from damaging air pollution.

Source: Hindustan Times