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Tips for eco-friendly make-up routine

Sustainable and eco-conscious beauty routines are important as it helps to conserve resources and combat climate change.

Check out top tips for a sustainable and eco-friendly make-up routine.

1. Eco-friendly packaging: Ideally we need to shop for brands which have environmentally friendly packaging, avoiding the use of plastic.

2. Ingredients formulation: Seek brands which are natural and organic in nature. Always have a look at the list of ingredients that they are using.

3. Cut back on waste: We can cut back on waste by using a product for more than one skincare regime. For eg; use a face scrub as a foot scrub or an exfoliating lip scrub.

4. Try reusable wipes: The traditional face wipes are a one-time use but use the biodegradable option of washable cloths, and reusable make-up pads.

5. Recycle the beauty jars: You can rinse your product and place it immediately into the appropriate recycling bin if it is made of a single, universal material, such as glass, plastic, or cardboard.

6. Finishing the old products before we purchase new ones: Considering that beauty products have an expiry date, it’s better to finish up what you have first before buying something new.

An important change to make when designing a more eco-friendly beauty routine is to choose your beauty brands wisely. Look for those that look after the planet, use natural and organic ingredients and don’t test them on animals.

Source: Hindustan Times