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Tear web of local, int’l conspiracies for progress of Bangladesh: PM Sheikh Hasina

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday asked the nation to tear the web of local and international conspiracies to continue the progress of Bangladesh further.

“On this Victory Day, being energized by the spirit of the Liberation War, let’s take a vow collectively that we will take the development journey of Bangladesh forward by breaking the web of all conspiracies,” she said, reports UNB.

The premier made the call in an address to the nation through Bangladesh Television and Bangladesh Betar at 7:30 pm on the eve of the Victory Day.

The V-Day, marking the victory in Bangladesh’s nine-month War of Liberation against Pakistani occupation forces in 1971, will be celebrated on Friday.

She also called on the nation to fulfill the dream of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman by establishing a happy, prosperous non-communal Bangladesh.

Hasina said when the country is moving forward overcoming various adversities, a quarter that is against independence and development is trying to create anarchy. “See their past history. A part of them not only opposed the independence of Bangladesh, they killed people, being collaborators of the Pakistani occupation forces. After independence, Bangabandhu banned their politics and brought war criminals to justice,” she said.

But BNP founder Ziaur Rahman rehabilitated them (anti-liberation elements) in politics after seizing the power illegally following the assassination of the Father of the Nation with his family on 15th August 1975. “Being rehabilitated, they again started the politics of killing and terrorism,” she added.

Pointing at BNP, the PM said another group born and bred from the cantonment in the pocket of a general and there are only blood stains on the hands of this party. Its founder Ziaur Rahman was directly involved in the assassination plot of the Father of the Nation.

Hasina warned that the descendants of the vultures of 1971 and the hyenas of 1975 are still active in this country.

“They hurt the country with teeth and claws whenever they get a chance,” she said, adding that they can’t accept that the common people remain in a good condition and the local and foreign conspirators become active.

“But, the people of Bangladesh have identified them. They (the people) can no longer be misled by conspiracies,” said the PM.

Had BNP-Jamaat been in power, such development won’t be possible:

Sheikh Hasina, also the president of Bangladesh Awami League, said the anti-liberation forces were in power for 29 years after 1975 and they plundered the resources of the country.

She said the democratic trend has been continuing from 2009 to 2022 and the voting rights of people remain guaranteed. That is why today Bangladesh has got the status of a developing country.

“Had BNP-Jamaat alliance been in power (2009-2022), Bangladesh would never have made such progress. Could not be a developing country. Now, it is up to you, the people of the country, to choose what you want – a continuation of a dignified life or a life with the hardships to be inflicted by the mischief of BNP-Jamaat alliance?” she said.

The premier said the BNP top leader is convicted in orphanage money embezzlement case and another top leader is a fugitive and convicted in money laundering, 10-truck arms smuggling and the August 21 grenade attack cases. “Why would the general people go to vote for them?” she said.

“Losing faith in the people of the country, BNP-Jamaat has now hired some mercenaries to malign the country to foreigners. They are using smuggled money and defaming the country,” she said.

Focusing on the misrules of the BNP-Jamaat regime and the 2013-15 arson violence unleashed by them, Hasina said the people of Bangladesh rejected them in the 2008 election and the people did not vote for the BNP-Jamaat alliance in 2014 and 2018 elections as well. “Being rejected by the people, they are now engaged in conspiracies to come to power through an undemocratic way,” she said.

Prices of daily essentials become normal:

Describing the government of Bangladesh Awami League as a people’s government, Hasina said her government’s main aim is to work for the welfare of people and they never want people to suffer.

Due to economic reasons, the prices of daily necessities have increased. Now it largely started becoming normal. Inflation is also declining. “I want to assure you that we will adjust the price as soon as that of any commodity- including fuel– drops in the world market,” she said.

She said the import-dependent countries fell in troubles with the rise of transport cost and the prices of commodities in the international markets, induced by the Ukraine-Russia war, economic sanctions and counter-sanctions.

“Considering the interests of the common people, we are collecting and supplying the products we need – no matter wherever these are available in the world and whatever prices are,” she said.

The PM stressed the need for boosting agricultural production and renewed her call not to leave a single inch of arable land uncultivated in order to fight the ongoing crisis.

Citing that it is normal that a crisis may come, she said, “Do not be afraid of the crisis. With the help of people, we have successfully tackled the coronavirus pandemic. We will also deal with the current global recession, Inshallah. I want your cooperation for this.”

Reserve is sufficient for five-month import

Talking about the reserves of foreign currencies, the PM said now the country has a sufficient reserve of foreign currencies to meet the five-month import expenditures.

“Many people are making various fabricated comments about our foreign exchange reserves. It is enough if there is a reserve to cover only three-month import expenditure. But now we’ve a reserve that is sufficient to meet five-month import expenditure,” she said.

She also explained the reasons as to why the reserve has declined from US$ 48 billion after the Covid-19 period.

Don’t pay heed to rumours over bank money:

Sheikh Hasina said panic is being created by spreading rumours that there is no money in the banks.

“Don’t pay heed to rumours unnecessarily. There is no shortage of money in banks. Don’t invite your own danger by keeping your hard earned money at home. Everything of us –investment, remittance inflow and import-export situation– remains normal,” she said.

Highlighting her government’s successes, Hasina said, “The country has reached a new height of socio-economic development in our last 14 years. Bangladesh has now graduated to the list of developing countries. The country now is self-sufficient in production of food grains.”

She said the poverty rate declined from 40 percent to 20 percent, and the per capita income increased from US$ 543 to US$ 2,824 and the literacy rate from 45 percent to 75 percent.

She said the government has recruited some 22,000 doctors and 40,000 nurses and other health workers since 2009.

The PM also focused on the development of other sectors including energy and connectivity, infrastructure, social safety net particularly food programmes for poor people, and agriculture.

On the occasion of Great Victory Day 2022, the prime minister extended her sincere greetings to all the citizens of Bangladesh living at home and abroad.