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‘Freed myself from this toxic relationship’: Pori Moni

“I bid farewell to Razz from my life and also freed myself from this type of toxic relationship. Nothing is more important than living a healthy life,” Pori Moni gave a status on her Facebook.

This type of sudden status brought a shockwave in social media. Actress Pori Moni gave the status in the early hours of Saturday, December 31, the last day of the year.

Through this status on her facebook profile, Pori Moni announced that she has separated from her husband, Sariful Razz.

Before the announcement, Pori Moni wrote, ‘Happy 31st everyone!’

The actress has shocked everyone.

She did not receive her phone, though called her many times to know about the issue. She also did not give any reply to the SMS sent to her.

It was learnt that Pori Moni went out of Raj’s house with her son, Rajya, at 8:30pm on Friday.

The actor and the actress married each other secretly on October 17, last year. But, they disclosed this to the media on January 10 this year. They formally tied the knot on January 22.