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BNP’s movement is a dead river: Obaidul Quader

BNP’s mass movement has been seriously damaged at the Gopalganj cow market, quipped Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader. He said, “People, and even horses, laugh at the pace of BNP’s movement. In their injured state, they speak in scared tones about their march. Find out just in how many unions were their marches held. BNP’s movement is a dead river now, with no waves.”

He was speaking as chief guest at Sunamganj district Awami League’s triennial council today, Saturday. The council took place at the Government Jubilee High School in the municipal city. Central presidium member of the party, Jahangir Kabir Nanak, inaugurated the council at 12:00 noon.

BNP’ resentment has no end, said Obaidul Quader, adding, “There is no point in being jealous. Many people suffer from envy. BNP is envious to no end. They are resentful about the villages and cities. They are resentful about Padma Bridge, about metro rail, the hundreds of bridges, the Bangabandhu tunnel, there is no end to their resentment. Sheikh Hasina has changed Bangladesh, has transformed Bangladesh. That is also a cause of their envy.”

Saying that the national election will be held in the coming December, Obaidul Quader went on to say, “Awami League is ready for the final game. It will be a face-to-face game. We will identify the vote thieves. We are on the ground and in the streets. We are aware of what BNP is doing behind the scenes. If they resort to arson and violence, we will break their hands.”

The Awami League general secretary said, BNP will join the election in the end, after muddying the waters. It has no choice but to join. They came in the last election too. They will not be able to win. Our leader has ensured the right to vote. We will accept the verdict of the people.”

He said, “We are holding peace rallies. There will be rallies every day right up until the election. If Awami League calls for a grand rally, there will be a grand rally. When BNP calls for a grand rally, they can’t even hold a normal rally. Awami League has not obstructed any of BNP’s programmes till now.”

The council, chaired by district Awami League president Matiur Rahman and conducted by district general secretary Enamul Kabir Imon, was also addressed by special guests, planning minister MA Mannan, AL presidium member Syeda Zebunnessa Huq, central organising secretary Ahmed Hossain, Shafiul Alam Chowdhury, the central committee deputy office secretary Sayem Khan, central committee members Mushfique Hossain Chowdhury, Azizul Azad, Sunamganj-5 MP Mahibur Rahman Manik, Sunamganj-1 MP Moazzem Hossain Ratan, Sunamganj-2 MP Jaya Sengupta, Sunamganj and Sylhet MP from reserved seats for women Shamima Akhter Khanam and others.

Obaidul Quader began his speech at 2:15pm. Towards the end of his speech he announced the name of Nurul Huda as the new president of Sunamganj district Awami League and Noman Bakht as district general secretary.

Speaking at the council, Jahangir Kabir Nanak said, “Ziaur Rahman wanted to finish off Awami League, but failed. On 21 August an attempt was made to kill Sheikh Hasina in a grenade attack. Now BNP talks so big. BNP must be tackled on the streets. A snake can be trusted, but not BNP-Jamaat.”

Earlier, from the morning, thousands of leaders and workers of the party came to the venue of the council in processions from all over the district. The grounds fill up before the afternoon and the venue took on a festive atmosphere.

Party sources say that the district Awami League’s last council was held on 25 February 2016. Matiur Rahman and Enamul Kabir Imon has been made president and general secretary of the district AL at the time. This time before Obaidul Kader announced the names of the new president and general secretary, Matiur Rahman was declared AL advisory council member and Enamul Kabir member of the national council.