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Residents of Sylhet are fed up with mosquitoes

Medicines are being sprayed sometimes with fogger machines and sometimes with spray machines. Cleaning activities are also carried out from time to time. But despite all these arrangements, the mosquito infestation is not reducing in Sylhet city.

Mosquitoes have become ‘stronger’ than all initiatives of Sylhet City Corporation (SCC). Residents of the city have to suffer day and night equally due to mosquito breeding.

And SCC authorities say that they have no manpower to kill mosquitoes. At least 150 workers are required to carry out mosquito eradication operations in 27 wards of the city. But the city corporation has no manpower for this work except two spray men. And because it is not possible to sprinkle medicine regularly, the increase of mosquito breeding is not decreasing, the concerned claim.

Mosquitoes have become the main problem of Sylhet city. Mosquito infestation has increased drastically in every neighborhood of the city. Consumers believe that mosquito infestation has increased in the city due to the fact that the medicine has not been sprayed since last few months. Mosquitoes increase the nuisance, but the city dwellers have to be pulled by mosquitoes even when they go to sleep during the day. Various programs are being held by various organizations in the city to demand effective measures to eradicate mosquitoes.

The City Corporation is also expressing its helplessness in killing mosquitoes. Those concerned say that cleaning activities have to be carried out in the city throughout the year to avoid mosquito infestation. Especially during the breeding season of mosquitoes, the entire city should be sprayed with mosquito repellent every 10 days. In this way, if the medicine is sprinkled for two months, the growth of mosquitoes will decrease. City dwellers will also be spared from the pain of mosquitoes.

According to sources in the health wing of SCC, at least 150 workers are required to sprinkle medicine simultaneously in 27 wards of the city corporation (excluding the extended new 12 wards). But the city corporation has no manpower for this work. There are only two spray men. So it is never possible to spray the entire city at once. Even if you go to sprinkle medicine in each ward, you have to rely on outside day laborers. Inexperienced workers may not dispense the medicine properly. Besides, after spraying the medicine in each ward, the mosquitoes move to the neighboring areas. Due to which mosquito eradication is not possible. As a result, mosquito breeding is not decreasing. So the medicine is not getting results.

According to sources, the city corporation has constructed box drains on ditches and canals and on the side of the road in different parts of Sylhet city. These box drains become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. As the upper part is closed, it is not possible to sprinkle medicine inside the drain. As a result, mosquitoes are breeding in these drains.

Juned Ahmad Chowdhury, a resident of Mendibagh in the city, said that the life of the people in his area has become miserable due to the pain of mosquitoes. No one from the city corporation has sprayed mosquito repellent in the area since last few months. You can’t stay relaxed for long even if you sprinkle occasionally. A week after spraying the mosquito infestation decreased slightly but then increased again.

The chief health officer of SCC Dr. admitting that the mosquito infestation has increased in the city. Zahidul Islam said that a meeting has been convened at Nagar Bhaban to take effective measures to kill mosquitoes. Due to shortage of manpower, it is not possible to raid the entire city at once. As a result, the desired results are not obtained even after spraying the medicine.

At present, the city’s wards 1, 2, 3 and 15 are running mosquito eradication campaign, Dr. Zahid said, it is not possible to relieve the city dwellers from the pain of mosquitoes by sprinkling medicine separately. For this, it is necessary to simultaneously sprinkle medicine and conduct cleaning operations in the entire city. Besides, at least every 10 days, the mosquito breeding places should be sprayed with medicine. Then it will be possible to reduce the nuisance of mosquitoes.