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Three trillion cubic feet of gas potential in Sylhet

Sylhet is like a treasure house. Three domestic and foreign energy oil and gas exploration and surveying organizations are looking at the strong possibility of getting three trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas underground in this region.

The organizations have already started vigorous survey work in Sylhet region. The survey results will be handed over to Sylhet Gasfield Limited (SGFCL) around August this year.

It is known that as part of the gas exploration program in the country, survey work is going on vigorously in the Sylhet region. Bureau of Geophysical Prospecting (BGP), an exploration and surveying organization under China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), has already started 3D seismic survey in five areas of gas block 13 and 14 on land under Sylhet Gasfield Limited (SGFCL). These areas have a strong potential of about three trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas.

According to related sources, SGFCL submitted a report on potential gas reserves on March 2. Secretary of the Department of Energy. Md. Khayeruzzaman Majumder was present there during the presentation of the report. In the report, the information of gas reserves, extraction and potential reserves of five gas areas of Sylhet and Moulvibazar under the jurisdiction of SGFCL is revealed.

It shows that there are potential reserves of 2 thousand 813 BCF of gas in Harargaj, Batchia and Dupitila and Sylhet South and Jokiganj areas of Moulvibazar district under Block 13 and 14. Domestic oil and gas exploration company Bapex, US company Schlumberger and Australia-based Welldrill have conducted studies on potential gas reserves from time to time.

Among them, there are 492 billion cubic feet (BCF) in Hararganj of Moulvibazar, 577 BCF in Batchia of the same district, 679 BCF in Dupitila, 886 BCF in Jokiganj/Atgram of Sylhet and 179 BCF in Sylhet South.

Chinese company BGP has started 3D seismic survey in these areas as there is a strong possibility of gas power. After analyzing the survey data, the company is expected to present the results to SGFCL by next August. Meanwhile, the Chinese exploration team has completed 30 percent of the 3D seismic survey in these two blocks.

Initially 2D and later 3D seismic surveys are conducted to identify potential gas reserves. Then, based on the data analysis, well drilling areas are identified. Only if the possibility is very strong, the initiative to dig a well is taken.

3D Seismic Survey is now going on in blocks 13 and 14 of the ground. There are several gas fields in that region and adjacent areas. Bibiana, the country’s largest gas field, is also located near blocks 13 and 14. As a result, geologists believe that there is a strong possibility of getting gas there.

According to SGFCL sources, the survey work in this area started in 2021 with the gas development fund and the company’s own funding. For this reason, the cost of the project has been estimated at 281 crore 96 lakh taka. Under this, 3D seismic survey will be done in 865 square kilometers area of Sylhet gasfield area of two blocks. The project is expected to be completed by June next year. Through this, hydrocarbon reserve and resource estimation and location of new wells will be identified, said SGFCL.

Talking to an official related to the project, it is known that five unions of Batchia Kamalganj upazila of block number 13 and two unions of Kulaura upazila have completed the survey, drilling and recording of oil and gas reserves in an area of 120 square kilometers. In the same process, the work has been completed in three phases in the 380 square kilometer area of 14 unions of Kulaura, Juri and Baralekha upazilas under the jurisdiction of Block No. 14 Harargaj.

Talking to two officials related to the energy department, it is known that the government has taken various initiatives to search for gas in the land of the country. Many projects are in progress. 3D Seismic project is also underway to survey gas reserves in Sylhet region. However, it cannot be said whether there is gas or not. Because after 3D seismic, the gas well drilling sites will be identified. After that, it can be said that there is gas, subject to confirmation of the pressure and reserves by digging a well there.

However, in five areas where potential gas reserves have been identified, gas reserves have already been found. Among them, the country’s 28th gas field was discovered in Jokiganj, Sylhet in August 2021. BAPEX, the state-owned oil and gas exploration company, discovered 68 BCF of gas reserves in that gas field there.

Rashidpur, Biyanibazar, Jalalabad and abandoned gas field Chatak are next to Block 13 and 14 areas. Although there is a large amount of gas in the roof, it has not been possible to extract it due to the complications of the case with the Canadian company Niko.