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Bangabazar traders set up some 800 temporary shops at the site

Affected traders of Bangabazar, whose businesses burned down in the recent fire at the market, set up temporary shops on the streets and footpaths at the site of the incident on Saturday.

Around 800 traders displayed their stocks since this morning. They set up their makeshift shops under the flyover, on the south side of Bangabazar Market.

Many traders are sitting with the clothes they were able to save from the devastating fire last Tuesday. Even though there is a crowd around the shops, sales are yet to pick up.

The traders setting up the temporary shops said they were displaying whatever goods they could save from the Bangabazar Market fire.

Aynal Hossain was sitting at his shop under the flyover. He told UNB that he had two shops in Bangabazar Market. Both shops were burnt to ashes.

“I was able to move some stuff. So I brought it here. No sale yet, because our regular customers do not know the address of the shop. Only Allah knows how we will celebrate this Eid,” he said.

Trader Shahidul Islam had a shop in Bangabazar, selling jeans and shirts. The shop burnt to ashes and now he has also set up shop on the footpath.

“Everything is over. There is no money for food at home. So, I was forced to set up shop on the footpath,” he lamented.

At 6:10am on last Tuesday (April 4), a terrible fire broke out in Bangabazar complex in the capital. Banga Market, Gulistan Market, Mahanagar Shopping Complex, Adarsha Market and Annex Tower were burnt down. Businessmen claim that they have lost around Tk 2,000 crore in the fire.