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Mozammel for fresh law to check anti-liberation remarks

Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Huq on Sunday stressed the need for enactment of a fresh law to take actions against anti-liberation remarks.

“When they (anti-liberation forces) get chances, they make these remarks to make our Liberation War controversial. This is why, I think a fresh law like holocaust general act should be passed here,” he told Parliament, UNB reports.

The Minister said this while participating in the discussion on a motion placed by Leader of the House and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on the occasion of the 50 years (golden jubilee) of the Bangladesh National Parliament.

A law is needed so that actions can be taken from the state against those who would talk against the Independence, the Liberation War or the spirit of the Liberation War, said the Minister.

He said the law commission has proposed such a law before the Law Ministry, which can be passed in the Parliament.

Pointing at BNP and Jamaat, the Minister said they tried to make the last two general elections questionable in order to make the parliament ineffective. They indulged in arson violence to thwart the 2014 election, and they joined the 2018 election but they didn’t contest it in true sense.

He said they (BNP-Jamaat) don’t believe this parliament–the center of the state power. Since they don’t have confidence in parliament, they hatch conspiracy whenever they get a chance to make not only this parliament but also Bangladesh as a futile and failed state, he added.

Mozammel said a fresh law should be adopted in this parliament to check such falsehood and distortion of history.

“Since the Prime Minister has been able to try the war criminals and the killing of Bangabandhu and the jail killing, it is possible for her (Sheikh Hasina) to make a safeguard for the nation by enacting a law against those who’re opposing the independence and liberation war,” he added.

Noting that an effort was made to make Bangladesh as mini-Pakistan by killing Bangabandhu in the past, Mozammel said they still remark that Pakistan was better. “The Pakistani ghost has not gone from their hearts yet,” he added.