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Morning routine to have a stress free day!

Not every one of us wakes up fresh and is ready to face the day. Being fresh and stress free can make you more productive and successful throughout the day. The moment we wake up in the morning, we should do something which we should never miss. According to Hansa, Director of the Yoga Institute, these are the things which should be included in our daily routine to have a stress-free day.

* Always remember to thank God for whatever we have in our lives, and it is important to have full confidence that God is there with us and that if we are doing everything right, then no one can stop us. Starting the day with positive strength is very important. It will make the day stress free.

* Do breathing exercises in the morning. It is important to breathe fresh air which flows in the morning. People with anxiety issues then breathing efficiently in the morning makes the body energized and also healthy. Becoming aware of your breath while deep breathing is an important thing. Long inhalation and exhalation for 10 seconds and start concentrating on the abdomen because we have to evacuate all the bad feelings and thoughts which are not required. Doing this will make us energetic to start the day stress-free.

* The stomach is important to get empty as it contains toxins which should be released from the body in the morning. If the stomach gets constipated, then we feel stressed the whole day. This can be released by doing certain exercises or yoga which will make our digestive system strong and ultimately release all the stress.

* Planning out the day quickly and doing everything accordingly can make the day stress free. Preplanning can seek the day with no confusion; it can make a person organised and happy. Our brain is efficient in the morning which helps us to make better decisions. Making a to-do list must be the thing which can make the day soughted and stress-free.

* It is very important for everyone that the moment a person leaves a beck, the first thing is to drink a glass of warm water so that the gums become softer, and the throat becomes a little relaxed and removes toxins. Drinking water helps the body to maintain itself overall. If the body is fully maintained it will ultimately make us fully charged and happy.

All these things will not take much time. It can be finished in a few minutes and doing it step by step is the key to starting a stress-free day and can bring positivity around you.