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Umrah Hajj pilgrim from Kulaura goes missing In Mecca

Saud Al Arefin Paplu, a resident of Daudpur village of Baramchal, Kulaura upazila of Moulvibazar, went missing while performing Umrah with his family. He went missing while doing Tawaf of the Holy Kaaba Sharif with his mother and brother on May 8. After searching around, the family did not find any trace of him. The disappearance was later reported to the Saudi police.

According to Paplu’s family, Paplu is suffering from amnesia or amnesia. A few days ago he was diagnosed with amnesia or dementia. Because of this, he forgets everything in a moment.

Paplu’s cousin Russell Kalam said Paplu went missing while performing Tawaf at Kaaba Sharif in Mecca. He momentarily forgets everyone and everything due to a major illness a few days ago. He requested that if anyone comes to the notice of Kaaba Sharif, please contact this number +971561278788.

He also said that the matter of Paplu’s disappearance has been informed to the Saudi police. Saudi police are also looking for him. However, Kalam requested the family members to be informed immediately if any kind hearted person meets him.