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4 symptoms of kidney disease

Kidneys may be slowly failing. But you don’t catch it due to lack of awareness. The way you live your daily life determines how healthy you will be. It is important to change your diet and lifestyle. There are some symptoms that can alert you to kidney problems. Check whether these problems are occurring in your body or not. So be careful about kidneys-

Frequent urination

Many people have this problem. Urinate again shortly after passing urine once. Frequent urination can be one of the symptoms of kidney problems. Because when our kidneys cannot function properly, the rate of urination increases. Due to which urine does not come out properly at once. So, if you have frequent urination problems, consult a doctor immediately.


Do you feel nauseous for no reason? Be careful if this happens. Because when the kidneys are damaged, all the toxins or harmful substances cannot be removed from the body with urine. Due to kidney problems, those harmful substances accumulate in the body. Nausea can appear from there.

Sudden weight loss

Sudden weight loss may be one of the symptoms of kidney failure. Because when the kidneys start to deteriorate gradually, the body weight also decreases in the same proportion. So if such symptoms appear, do not be indifferent and look seriously. Seek expert advice quickly.

Swelling of the feet

If there is a kidney problem, its symptoms also appear in the legs. Because then the feet swell. It starts accumulating sodium in the body.

This problem is more common in diabetic patients. So consult a doctor immediately if the problem of foot swelling occurs. Also, if you have constant headache, sleep loss, itching in different parts of the body, be careful. Because these can also signal your kidney failure.