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Exchange of views with Britain’s Bengali media in support of mayoral candidate Anwaruzaman Chowdhury

Muhammed Shahed Rahman:

In the Sylhet City Corporation election, Bangladesh Awami League and expatriate representatives from all over the country, regardless of party affiliation, held an exchange meeting with Britain’s Bangla media organized by United Kingdom Jubo League with the support of mayoral candidate Anwaruzaman Chowdhury.
On Sunday (June 4, 2023) in the afternoon of London Bangla Press Club conference hall under the chairmanship of UK Awami Jubo League Acting President Afzal Hossain and Acting General Secretary Jamal Ahmad Khan,
the speakers expressed their opinion and said that because of his responsibility towards the society, the state and the people, Anwaruzzaman
Chowdhury should accept himself in all circles. able to We expatriates have benefited in many ways through the man who is a proven politician working with the vow of development of society and country.
We believe that if he is elected, he will work to solve various problems including the basic demands of the expatriates, especially the land-acquisition, houses and buildings of the expatriates.
The expatriates living in Britain and the expatriates of the 42 wards of Sylhet City are coming unitedly and continue to support and help elect the mayoral candidate Anwar Uzaman Chowdhury in the much awaited Sylhet City Corporation election on June 21.
Every day expatriates from different parts of the UK are calling their relatives and friends in the country to vote for Anwaruzzan Chowdhury.
Anwaruzaman Chowdhury, a free-thinking man, has always been very sincere towards the media, the support and cooperation of journalists has encouraged him to move forward in politics, society and human dignity.
In the exchange meeting, British Bengali media journalists pledged to continue supporting Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury to build the smart Sylhet city of his dreams.
United Kingdom Awami League President Sultan Mahmud Sharif, Acting General Secretary Naeem Uddin Riaz, Organizing Secretary Abdul Ahad Chowdhury were present in the meeting.
Among the journalists of Bengali media spoke in the exchange meeting – Senior Journalist
UK Bangla Reports Unity President Matiar Chowdhury, Founding Editor of London Bangla Press Club Nazrul Islam Basan, First Executive Member of London Bangla Press Club- Journalist Ahad Chowdhury Babu, Special Correspondent Bangla Sanglap and presenter Betar Bangla Dr Anishur Rahman Anish, Bisswa Bangla News24 Editor Shah Mostafizur Rahman Belal,
Channel S Reporter Rezaul Karim Mrida, ATN Bangla’s Khaled Masud Roni, koyes Ahmed Ruhel of N TV, Somoi TV’s Tanveer Hossain, DVC News’s UK Representative Zubair Ahmad, Weekly Newspaper Shah Shamim Ahmad and Sarwar Kabir etc.
Also spoke – UK Awami League religious affairs secretary Syed Churuk Ali, London metropolitan Awami League secretary Altafur Rahman Mojahid.
United Kingdom Jubo League vice presidents Syed Azizur Rahman Shamim and Sheikh Nurul Islam Jitu, joint general secretaries Delwar Hossain Liton, Faizur Rahman Faiz and Syed Abdul Momin, organizing secretaries Babul Khan, Mahmud Ali, Dilal Ahmed and Mohammad Abu Leis were present in the exchange meeting among others. Abdul Basir, Dulal Ahmad, Dudumiya, Shah Minar Ali and Rumel Ahmad Jewel etc.