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Muslims offer special prayer for rain in Moulvibazar

People’s lives disrupted by the intense heat. There is still no rain and hail. Prolonged drought everywhere. There is a cry for rain all around. In this situation, Istiska prayers and special prayers have been organized for rain in Moulvibazar.

Today Thursday (June 8) in the morning of Maulvibazar town, the religious scholars and religious Muslims performed this prayer in the premises of the Shantibagh Jame Masjid; More than 200 devotees participated in it.

Khatib Maulana of Shantibagh Jame Masjid conducted special prayers after the prayers. Habibur Rahman is rational, Maulana Mozzamel Haque Maheri leads the prayer.

In this regard, Khatib Habibur Rahman said, ‘People are in great danger for water as it has not rained for a long time. Allah says to ask for rain or water through prayer. Sunnah to ask Allah.’