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Educational instts reopen after closure due to heatwave

The educational institutions that were closed due to the heatwave, reopened on Sunday morning.

All classes of primary, secondary schools and madrasas will be held as per rules from today.

Earlier, according to the decision of the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, primary schools across the country have been closed since June 5. One day later, the classes at all madrasas have been kept closed till June 8.

But all educational institutions will have to follow some directives:

●Daily assemblies will be suspended until further notice

●Students will refrain from other activities, including sports under the sun in educational institutions.

●Students should be advised to drink enough water. Students will come with enough water from their homes if needed.

●All the windows and doors of the institution should be kept completely open for adequate natural light and air in the classroom.

●Arrangements should be made to keep the necessary electric fans active in classrooms, teachers’ auditoriums and staff rooms.