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President visits Bangabhaban Toshakhana Museum

President Mohammed Shahabuddin visited Bangabhaban Toshakhana Museum at Bangabhaban in the capital on Wednesday noon.

The Head of the State witnessed a video of the renovated installations of the historic Toshakhana Museum as well as the Bangabhaban, the Presidential palace.

Bangabhaban was once called ‘Manuk House’. After that it was regarded as ‘Governor House’. A unique combination of Victorian architecture with Islamic and Bengali architecture, this building is now the office and residence of the President of the Republic.

President Shahabuddin visited the installations at different rooms staying there over 30 minutes.

The Toshakhana building is well-decorated with the gifts from different heads of state and government of different countries and historic photographs.

Under the overall supervision of Bangabhaban, this dilapidated Toshakhana was renovated into a museum with a modern look on January this year.

On January 24 in 2023, erstwhile President M Abdul Hamid inaugurated the renovated installations of the Bangabhaban Toshakhana Museum, remaining open for visitors in a limited scale.

“It is need a good task . . . Moreover it is well-decorated as well,” President Shahabuddin expressed his satisfaction soon after visiting the museum.

Later, the President also signed a visitors’ book there.

He said the history guides people to the past as well as guides the future and Bangabhaban is a unique monument of Bengali history and tradition.

“I believe, the Bangabhaban Toshakhana Museum will play an important role in preserving the rich history of Bangabhaban and presenting it from generations to generations,” President Shahabuddin mentioned.

“The souvenirs displayed in the Toshakhana Museum and stills from various periods would contribute to linking the past with the present and the future,” the President added.

Noting that this museum as one of the monuments of centuries of colorful history and tradition of the Bengalis, he said the domestic and foreign envoys or ambassadors and visitors would be able to get acquainted with the country’s history, heritage and culture during their visit.

The Toshakhana Museum would serve as one of the mediums to bridge the gap between Bangabhaban and the people of the country, the President hoped.

President’s Office Secretary Sampad Barua, Military Secretary Major General SM Salahuddin Islam, Press Secretary Md Joynal Abedin and Secretary (Attachment) Md Wahidul Islam Khan and high civil and military officers accompanied the President there.