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SCC polls: 5 mayor aspirants lose security deposit

Security of five mayoral candidates in Sylhet City Corporation (CCIC) elections is being forfeited. They are losing their security as they did not get one-eighth of the valid votes in the result

The mayoral candidates who lost their collateral are Islami Andolan Bangladesh’s Mahmudul Hasan (hand fan), independent candidate Abdul Hanif Kutu (horse), independent candidate Mohammad Chaluddin Rimon (cricket bat), Zaker Party’s Zahirul Alam (rose flower) and independent candidate Mushtaq Ahmed Rauf Mostafa (deer). ).

Polling was held on Wednesday from 8 am to 4 pm. The results are announced at night.

As a result, Anwaruzzaman Chowdhury got 1 lakh 19 thousand 991 votes in the boat symbol in 190 centers. His nearest rival Nazrul Islam Babul nominated by Jatiya Party got 50 thousand 862 votes. Independent candidate Mohammad Shah Jahan Mia (Bas) got 29 thousand 688 votes.

And among the candidates who lost their security, Mahmudul Hasan of Islamic Movement (hand fan) got 12 thousand 794 votes, independent Abdul Hanif Kutu (horse) 4 thousand 296 votes, Mohammad Chalauddin Rimon (cricket bat) 2 thousand 648 votes, independent Zahirul Alam (rose flower) 3 thousand. 405 votes and independent Mushtaq Ahmed Rauf Mostafa (Harin) got 2 thousand 959 votes.

However, the Islamic Movement of Bangladesh, Maulana Mahmudul Hasan, announced a vote boycott.

According to the information of the returning officer, candidates need to get 8th of the total votes to secure the security. As such, the bail of the remaining five except three is being forfeited.

2 lakh 27 thousand 859 votes were cast in the city elections, out of which 1 thousand 216 votes were cancelled. Each candidate had to get 28 thousand 330 votes to secure the security. Five of the eight candidates did not get that bailout vote.