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Anwar Shahjahan Running for President of Arden University Student Association


Arden University, renowned in the United Kingdom and Berlin, Germany, will soon be electing its new President for the Arden University Student Association. Anwar Shahjahan is among the candidates running for this prestigious position. The final round of voting, scheduled from July 10th to July 12th, will span three days, determining the outcome.
Anwar Shahjahan tweeted about the Arden Student Association election, stating, “Dreams keep people alive and guide them towards achieving their desired goals. It is with this dream that I present myself as a candidate for the position of President of the Arden University Student Association, among a total of 67 candidates. I am proud to have secured a place in the final round, alongside 13 others.”
This election will witness the participation of over 17,000 students across Arden University’s London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, and Berlin campuses. The elected candidate will hold the responsibility of representing and working on behalf of the student body from these five campuses.
Anwar Shahjahan is a well-known figure, both in Bangladesh and Abroad, contributing as an author, journalist, and organizer. With nine research-based books to his name, including three English translations, he has showcased his expertise in diverse fields. Additionally, he serves as an editor for an online portal and holds affiliations with various organizations, including his role as an Executive member of the London Bangla Press Club.
Born in Golapganj Upazila in Sylhet, Anwar Shahjahan has been residing in London with his immediate family since 1995. In 2021, he graduated from Buckinghamshire New University and is currently pursuing an MBA at Arden University, further enhancing his qualifications and skills.
Arden University students can conveniently register and cast their votes online by visiting the following link: [https://arden.unitu.co.uk/elections/index/995](https://arden.unitu.co.uk/elections/index/995). The registration and voting process will be open from July 10th to July 12th, ensuring students have ample time to participate.
Anwar Shahjahan’s comprehensive manifesto has been made available on the university’s election page. He earnestly requests all voters to thoroughly read his manifesto before casting their votes, to make an informed decision.
The Arden University Student Association actively advocates for student interests and strives to support students in resolving any challenges they may encounter, including providing crucial financial assistance.