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Police denies Jamaat-e-Islami to hold Sylhet rally

Jamaat is not getting permission from the police to hold a rally in Sylhet. The Sylhet Metropolitan Police has announced that strict action will be taken against the Jamaat if they want to hold a rally without permission. Still, Jamaat leaders say that they are preparing for a rally in Sylhet on July 15. They also expressed their hope to get the police.

Accused of crimes against humanity, Jamaat-e-Islami has been cornered in politics for a long time. Due to the strict stance of the government, the party is not able to hold any program publicly. Their organizational activities are limited to jhatika marches and secret meetings. The religious party has also lost its registration with the Election Commission.

In such a situation, on the eve of national elections, Jamaat suddenly came into the open again. After a long break, they held a public rally in Dhaka on June 10.

The party has called a rally in Sylhet after Dhaka. This rally has been called at the registry ground of Sylhet city at noon on June 15. Jamaat applied to SMP on July 5 seeking permission to hold the rally. However, the Jamaat has not been informed about this by the police till now.

In this regard, Sylhet Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ilyach Sharif said, “I have received the application of the Jamaat.” However, there is a danger of sabotage in their assembly. Therefore, the initial decision was made not to allow the Jamaat to hold the rally.

Jamaat will not be allowed to carry out any kind of inactivity. And if Jamaat enters the field on July 15 without permission, strict action will be taken against them.

Jamaat is continuing to prepare for the rally even though the police said that they would not give permission. After the success of the July 15 rally, Jamaat leaders exchanged views with the student leaders on Sunday.

During the exchange of views, Jamaat’s central working council member and Ameer of Sylhet, Muhammad Fakhrul Islam said, ‘Bangladesh is in a difficult situation today. The rule of law, justice, human rights, voting rights and fundamental rights of the people have been completely destroyed in the country. To save the students and young society from this situation, there is no alternative to leave the fascist government and establish the rule of law in the country. To restore democracy and establish voting rights, Jamaat’s rally on July 15 at the registry ground should be successful.

Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Sylhet metropolitan branch. Under the leadership of Shahjahan Ali, on July 5, an application was submitted to the Metropolitan Police seeking permission for the assembly.

Regarding the police’s decision not to give permission, Shahjahan Ali said, “We have not been officially informed by the Metropolitan Police yet. We hope to get permission. Because it is allowed in places like the capital. We are also allowed in a few other places.

We want to have a peaceful and beautiful rally in Sylhet. We are 99 percent confident that the Metropolitan Police will allow us. We are making all the preparations for the rally.