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AL associate bodies’ peace rally turns into a human sea

As hundreds of thousands of leaders and activists from the three associate bodies of Awami league from across the country joined the ongoing peace rally, Baitul Mukarram’s South Gate and adjacent areas turned into a human sea.

Starting with recorded rendition of patriotic songs, the rally witnessed a massive surge of people taking pledge to “not let the country be devastated by BNP-Jamaat backed terrorism again.”

Carrying national flags, festoons and banners, leaders and activists of the AL associate bodies converged at the venue with top leaders delivering their addresses from the stage.

Another key feature of the rally was victims of BNP-Jamaat orchestrated violence appearing on the stage and sharing their ordeals, demanding justice.

Brimming with activists, the adjoining areas of the venue were reverberating with calls from the rally attendees to thwart any attempt of violence and continue the legacy of what they called “a decade of development that changed the course of national progress.”