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Govt using judiciary as weapon to establish fascism: Fakhrul

BNP Secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Thursday alleged that the government has been using the judiciary as the biggest weapon to establish fascism by suppressing and oppressing the opposition.

“This fascist government is using the judiciary as its main and biggest weapon,” he said.
Speaking at a press conference at BNP’s Nayapaltan central office, he also said the government is completely taking away the basic, democratic, and constitutional rights of people using the judiciary.”

“Democracy-loving people are being subjected to extreme harassment, suppression and oppression by this judiciary to stop their democratic movement and the struggle,” the BNP leader said.

He bemoaned that the government has been pushing the nation into unending violence and uncertainty with its obstinacy to hang onto power.

The BNP leader said a ‘dictated’ court verdict was given against their acting chairman Tarique Rahman and his wife Zubaida Rahman with a motive to put his leadership into question and thwart the ongoing movement.

“But the movement can never be suppressed or stopped in this way. People will not go back home until their demands are met,” he said.

Fakhrul also lamented that though Zubaida Rahman has no involvement with politics, she was also convicted in the ‘false’ case.

He claimed that Awami League leaders have been acquitted in similar cases in which Tarique was convicted.

The BNP leader also recalled that 15 graft cases filed against Prime Ministers Sheikh Hasina during the 1/11 political changeover in 2007 were withdrawn by using the judiciary.

“That is why we’re saying they (govt) are actually using the courts and judiciary as a weapon to establish their fascism,” he said.

Fakhrul alleged that BNP Chairperson Khaleda was convicted completely unfairly and sent to jail by framing a ‘false’ case.

“It’s surprising that the trial court sentenced her (Khaleda) to 7 years, and while the high court extended it to 10 years. However, many Awami League leaders got bail in similar cases and they were acquitted and they even discharged their responsibilities as ministers,” he said.

Apart from the judiciary, Fakhrul alleged the government has been using the media as a weapon to suppress the truth and establish their statements as the truth.